Sunday, September 21, 2014

Overpower-Demo 2014


Melbourne, Australia's Overpower (not to be confused with the Croatian groove metal/thrash metal band of the same name or for that matter the Greek rock and rollers) is a four-piece band featuring members of Right Mind, XupercutX, Bloodwolves and Caged Grave (just to name a few) that appears to be relatively new to the scene. I use the word "appears" as a link to this four-track recording just randomly appeared in my inbox with no profile information whatsoever! That wasn't by way of the actual band mind you, but a long-lost (Internet) friend/thrash metal fanatic. These kind of things happen more often than I care to admit. But then again, isn't that what Google is for? Anyway, Overpower is fronted by a guy named McCracken and unless I am mistaken (in which case someone feel free to correct me!) this recently-released EP is the group's debut outing. Falling somewhere in-between pit-worthy crossover and raw thrash, "Demo 2014" finds McCracken and crew (guitarist Heath, bass player Dave and drummer/lead guitarist Bage) cracking out (pun intended) some sick metal and the best part is it's free! Yes, fee! This is a name-your-own-price digital download and while I could make some stupid joke about how it's well-worth the price tag and all the truth is it's much more substantial then that. There's a slick side to this Australia band making "Demo 2014" a nice addition to any metalhead's digital collection. Especially if said collection has a special section that has been set aside for savage and somewhat bleak heavy metal! 

"Demo 2014" can be found here:

Meanwhile you can find this mosh metal collective right here:

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