Sunday, December 04, 2011

Forgotten Gems-Slander-Careless talk costs lives


Slander were from the UK, they had a definite NWOBHM sound even down to the production and even the cover looked like it was done in the early 1980's. The only thing is the album was done a decade after the prime of NWOBHM. This band formed in 1990 and knocked out several demos in 1990 and 1991. They chose the best ones and released it as a limited edition, self-released album in 1991. The band broke up two years later. I imagine these guys were fans of the early 1980's style and even though that scene had been dead for half a decade before they formed, they still chose that as the focus of their music. They don't sound like a tribute band or like some of the second rate copy bands that are going today, but instead they sound like the genuine article. Influences include Tygers of Pan Tang, Dianno-era Maiden, Demon and others. Still Slander have their own ideas and every song here is worthwhile. The guitars are solid, the vocals are strong and all the playing is very tight. My favorite tracks are "On the run", "Colour of your money", "Lonely nights" and "In your world". Really you can't go wrong with any song here. I don't know what the reaction to this album was twenty years ago, but now this sound is back in vogue and this album received a two disc set release earlier this year. So at least Slander are finely getting some recognition for their fine work.

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Blogger Andy said...

Just listened to this album last night Mark and let me say it is killer. Man, it sounds like a cross between the NWOBHM and eighties metal. I read that the band started as a "battle of the bands" project or something and from there it just took off.

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