Sunday, December 04, 2011

Loincloth-Iron Balls Of Steel

Southern Lord

What we have here is the remains of Raleigh, North Carolina-based death/doom act Confessor (drummer Steve Shelton and guitarist Cary Rowells) hooking up with Richmond, Virginia-area guitarists Tannon Penland (Kenmores, Koszonom) and Pen Rollings (Breadwinner, Honor Role, Butterglove) to create more mayhem and heavy metal musical chaos. Seeing as this album is on Southern Noise it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to see where this monster is headed. Loincloth is another example of utter madness taking the shape of instrumental/progressive riff-happy dirty metal. "Iron Balls Of Steel" is an apt title as you need a set to take what these four guys are sonically assaulting you with and still remain standing. No messing around here as Loincloth beat the crap out of rock music and leave it for dead in some back alley where rats chow down on it's oozing innards.


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