Sunday, September 02, 2012

Gouge-Doomed to death


Hell's Headbangers

The cover makes this thing look like it was a demo from 1987 and the music kind of like that two only with slightly better porduction. This Norwegian act rip and tear through four songs of early death and old style thrash and just a pinch of early grindcore. Think late 80's Florida death metal swirled in some occasional thrash intensity along the lines of Whiplash, Dark Angel and others. With titles like "Nuclear vomit" and "Evil town of mud" you better hope the music is because the lyrics are not going to offer much even if you could understand them. The music is for the most part fierce and aggressive even though it's messy around the edges. They never stray long from pushing forward and attempting to plow you over with total insane force. That kind of approach delivers well enough for this style. I was never bored and was even surprised by a few passages they took the music into. This was a really strong effort that got better as it went along.

Labor day reviewathon count-9 down 1 to go 
Time left- one day, seven hours and around fifty minutes
*I need to review ten albums by the end of Labor Day or I have to listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie. (Just one more review, but it's an involved album.)

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