Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Immoral Hazard-Convulsion


Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia is home court for Immoral Hazard. Formed in late 2009, and having previously released a six-track demo called "A Minor Innovation" in 2010, this Greek heavy metal/thrash metal band is lead by vocalist/guitarist Teo with "Convulsion" serving as their first full-length release. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis, with the actual production duties falling on not only Koslidis, but the band members themselves, "Convulsion" is the sound of another young band that has greatly been influenced by the mid-late eighties thrash metal scene. With physical copies due out later this year (March 9th, 2014), this ten track album, which (at least for the time being while the eager amongst us patiently await a CD copy or, better yet, a LP copy of "Convulsion"!) can be secured in digital format at the link below,  looks as if it will be used to open up new doors in regards to the possibility of playing more live shows. Speaking of playing live shows, the band has (apparently) already played alongside at least one of their chief influences in Sepultura. Musically and vocally, with lead singer Teo routinely coming across as a more pent-up and pissed-off version of Max Cavalera in his youth (the exception being a cut like "Dead End Trails" where Teo's lead vocals send this band off on a post-"Black", upward if not onward, Metallica quest!), Immoral Hazard sound as if they wore out more then a few cassette copies of some select Sepultura albums (pretty much anything and everything in Sepultura's early catalog from "Morbid Visions" to "Arise") with band's like Metallica and Slayer coming in a distant second and third respectively! Backing up Teo in Immoral Hazard is guitarist Angelos, bassist Alex and drummer Tolis and, when looked at as a heavy-handed collective, these four are spot-on in their devotion (and thus tribute) to thrash metals heyday. Mind you it's not just the music (even if "Alcowhore" sounds as if it could have been written by Metallica sometime between "Kill 'Em All" and "Ride The Lightening" and "Haven", which is just splendid in it's execution, coming off as a long-lost Slayer classic!) that gives this four-piece band such an old-school charm. No, the actual production of "Convulsion" also helps in that regard as this album feels like it could have been recorded in the late eighties! By the time the somewhat-raw "Last Nerve" (which also recalls mid-period Slayer) closes this ten track release out you could almost swear that you just had the pleasure of listening to another golden oldie from the glory days of thrash metal! Between that great service and the way in which this Greek act (nearly-flawlessly) executes the material on hand it's a win-win combination resulting in one of 2014's (early) thrash favorites! This one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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