Thursday, January 23, 2014


Iron Tyrant

Active since the year 2000, with this self-titled, twelve-track release (which runs nearly sixty minutes in length!) serving as their first full-length recording/warning sign that they have arrived, the Swedish band Vornth are the ultimate vehicle of all that is unholy! This mechanism of pure evilness, which incidentally (or at least is this mortal form) is lead by vocalist/guitarist Erik Hartmann, is blackened speed metal/thrash for the modern day metalheads who thrive amongst us who wish that black metal wasn't so....well...shrill. Amongst other things this band's sound seems as if it is derived from the likes of  (in their words) Razor, Destruction, Exciter, Kreator and Sacrifice. A closer examination though suggests other "influences". Take the nearly eight minute long "Grave of the Living" for example. This last cut, which closes the door on an album that also sees the likes of Motörhead, Warfare and (early) Tank being dragged out and put on display like lambs being prepared for the slaughter, sounds like Slayer getting severely violated by Venom! When bookend with opener "2740°" (a track that could represent Metallica overdosing on all things King Diamond/Merciful Fate!) it's nothing if not unsettling!  For those who choose to venture down such a dimly lite path, with tracks like "Rip Rip Rip", "Spit Black Fire", "Devil" and (clocking in at 7:20!) "Axemurder" offering no comfort whatsoever as far as those longing for rest or a reprieve, the warning has been issued. "Vornth" is not for the faint at heart or the weak-willed. It is the embodiment of pure evil all rolled up into one nasty piece of speed metal-tinged, fist-bangin' fifth! Proceed with extreme caution on this one friends....

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