Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Steel Prophet-The Goddess Principle (LP Re-release)

Pure Steel Records

Originally released in 1995, which (as previously mentioned) was a fateful year for yours truly, "The Goddess Principle" helped set the stage for L.A.'s Steel Prophet and their long-running reign atop the power metal  scene. Or at least in regards to the quality of one's product if not necessarily the quantity sold. Years before the band would emerge from cult status thanks to 1999's legendary "Dark Hallucinations" (although they still seem to be sadly overlooked by many when it comes time for discussions as to who reins supreme within the ranks of exception power metal!) the band, which was/and currently is lead by the Bruce Dickinson-like vocals of Rick Mythiasin (Mystic-Force, Agent Steel (live), ex-Taraxacum, ex-Masters of Metal, ex-Pantera, ex-New Eden, ex-Redemption, ex-All in Vein, ex-Mythiasin, ex-Psycho Twin), released "The Goddess Principle" and now (in celebration of the band recently signing on to Pure Steel Records) it will be seeing an LP re-issue. Limited to a mere 500 copies, which seems far too little an amount for a classic release like this one, "The Goddess Principle" is a must for fans of power metal and/or heavy metal collectors! Mixing in elements of (early) Fates Warning and Queensrÿche along with the likes of Iron Maiden and Metal Church this release is enduring thanks in no small part to it's epic embrace of U.S. power metal at a time when U.S. power metal was not in vogue. While we wait to see where Steel Prophet goes from here this is a good re-release that shows us exactly where it is they came from and why they are still so important to today's scene!

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